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Using music to bring out the brain’s full potential

According to California university of America’s researchers, psychologists, neurologists and musicians in 1995, their study report shows that a group of children from ages of 3-4 underwent a special piano course they designed for six months. Apart from the increase in ability of how to play a piano, their Spatial-Temporal Reasoning increased by 34 percent! In 1999, the same group of researchers followed up the case and it showed that children who has underwent that piano course had an higher ability to reason with mathematics than normal children. Spatial-Temporal reasoning along with mathematics are important things when considering a child’s intelligence. To put it in another way, these children have all became a smarter group than others because of the piano course.

  Apart from this, the Chinese Universty in Hong Kong had a study in the year of 1998 which showed that students before the age of 12 who has already had at least 6 years of musical courses(usually piano) have a higher ability of remembering vocabulary and a better memory in general by 17percent. Not to mention a study in 1994 from Scotland had proven that music training can also help improve a child’s reading comprehension.