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國際專業教育學院在今年一月已成功獲得 ISO 9001:2008 國際品質管理系統認證,證明本教育學院的品質已達到國際認可水平。




About Le Royal :


Le Royal Academy’s target is to bring happiness to children while they learn, provide high quality education to infants and children, complete development in all aspects, and to develop our children into our future’s leaders. We believe by focusing on these aspects of children unrelentingly, they will achieve success in life.


Le Royal Academy is an international education organization. Our ambition is to provide education for all children, their parents and teachers. We agree that high-quality education is worthwhile for our children, increasing their ability to learn before school and has always been the reason why work and help them. We will focus on growing the children’s confidence, creativity and cultivating their talents to help them prepare for the oncoming challenges in their future.



Mission :


          The Chinese have a saying:Age three defines age eighty. Neurology scientist studies show that the ages zero to eight are the most crucial time for a child’s development. During this stage, the brain and nerve systems go through the most important developments and they are a very important stage in a child’s life; therefore we should not neglect their needs of learning and spreading their wings during these times.


          Children before the age of three most often will spend time with their parents, teachers, domestic helpers and early childhood teachers. Because of this, educating parents and teachers is also very crucial as they are the people who will affect a child most during this time. A child’s unlimited potential will bloom as long as parents and educators receive a certain inspiration. It will allow a child to see the world in a different, brighter and more wonderful light.


High-quality early childhood education must happen in an active and reciprocating environment. They have to live through the experience themselves and only in that way will they grow and learn. As early childhood educators, we will provide multi-dimensional learning experiences which will help them develop all aspects of themselves. We will increase a child’s initiative to learn, hold seminars on how children learn and assist them to grow in all aspects, expanding their talents and creativity.


Children development milestones have a natural law that is abided by as the child grows; like the human brain, it has an order. If we can grasp a child’s prime time of their ability to learn, their educational path will be much smoother and more effective.


We wish to improve parents’ knowledge, provide professional education for early childhood educator’s knowledge and improve the motto of lifetime learning.



Direction :


Below are Le Royal Academy’s four main aspects:


1.      Hong Kong’s Take on Education


Hong Kong’s Education Policy wishes to teach students to learn throughout their life, to think outside the box, use critical thinking and be creative to face their oncoming days in their life. We agree with the thinking above.


2.      Multi-dimension, high quality early childhood education


Neurology scientist studies show that the ages zero to six are the most crucial time for their development. In this section we will teach you how to assist your child into learning through different methods, increase their potential for study and talents, thinking outside the box and creativity.


3.      Professional Development:  A complete children, parents and early childhood teacher life-long learning scheme.


Our professional early childhood teacher educating scheme wishes to change the old traditional ways of learning and provide a new and inspiring view in the educational system. We want to emphasize that the course’s contents will take a large range of methods which will educates the teachers, it is multi-dimensional in it’s teaching methods. With each teacher we will alternate the scheme for the teacher’s best way of absorbing the information. Through realistic experiences of learning, early childhood educators will be required to think critically and act in the situation as if it was an actual case. Through the growth of the early childhood educator, the children will also learn and become much wiser.


4.      Provide appropriate resources, continue to promote high quality learning, create a new early childhood education learning culture.Providing the right resources, we will plan a personal training regime for each early childhood educator so the results with be maximized. An ideal learning environment will increase a child and the teacher’s confidence and increase their respect for themselves and others which will allow them to easily become one and learn at their maximum potential.


The hour of breakthrough for early childhood education is now!