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Understanding a lack of attention and over-activity (ADHD)

A lack of attention and hyperactivityAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorderor known shortly as ADHDis a type of developmental disorder that occurs in the frontal lobe of the brain. Children with ADHD lacks more focus and self-control normal children exhibit. People suffering from ADHD usually shows symptoms starting at a young age, then relatively lessens as they grow older. Psychologists in these few years have coined ADHD with these three main traits:

One: insufficient focus.

Two: extreme amount of energy.

Three: rash, lack of self-control.


Attention Deficit Disorder

Often unable to focus on one thing
Easily influenced or distracted by surroundings
Will often start on a new thing before finishing the first
Does not pay attention to details and makes careless mistakes
Often misplaces items
Hard to finish one thing at a time
Doesn’t understand how to sort out work to do
Often escapes or declines activities that require one to focus(homework or chores)
Hard to sit still and listen to someone talk

Hyperactivity Disorder

Constant movement
Doesn’t stop upon request
Runs and climbs about during inappropriate times
Unable to sit still during class
Often in an hyperactive state
Hard to quietly sit still and participate in activities

People who have attention deficit disorder does not equal to having hyperactivity disorder! It’s only that a majority of people who has Hyperactivity disorder to have symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. 
 is someone with both those disorders together, and some of their symptoms include the below:


Often cuts in midway while someone is speaking or doing something
Often interrupts others

Answers before someone is finished questionin
Lacks patience
Easily loses sight of oneself and rashly acts or throws tantrums

If children exhibits these signs often, you should get help as soon as possible as to find necessary help in time.