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<Dr Yan’s Learning Diamond TM>




Dr Yan’s Learning Diamond TM        

How do I allow my child physically healthy? (Physical Development)          

How do I allow my child to be smarter than others? (Mental Development)           

How do I allow my child to be mentally healthy? (Psychological Development)      

How do I increase my child’s social adaptability (Sensorial Development) 





Understanding Child’s Growth Blueprint, Developing Their Full Human Potential!

Using the latest Neurological research to seek out the secrets of life!

Enable your child a natural and scientifically proven quality education!

This book will bring you a whole new view on education,

Allowing you to learn about how children wants to be loved, a study that every human being needs in time.

Enables you to lead your child to the right and best type of education for them.



Dr Yan’s Learning Diamond TM 


Dr Yan Lok’s educational method has six crucial parts:

Physique, Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Social Networking, Morals and Sensorial Development.

These six crucial educational methods corporate real life situations allow children to learn better through them.
Children will go through these detailed and well-planned educational events in a constant happy and accepting mood.

Through ‘self motivation mechanism’ to improve oneself and develop a complete person who’s healthy inside and out.



Dr. Yan Lok is a

Ph.D, Doctor of Natural Medicine

Neurological study expert
Internationally approved Children educator

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Liberal Studies Educative Masters

Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Guest Lecturer

Founder of the International Quality Youth Education Research Center

Le Royal Academy International Education’s Founder and Principal

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (Hong Kong) Chairman

Author of Dr Yan’s Learning DiamondTM

Parenting Magazine journalist
NGO Course Director

Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Member
Senior Musical Educator



How do I allow my child physically healthy?
(Physical Development)


        Exercise can increases a chemical reaction in the brain called the beta endorphin which makes people feel happy and most importantly increases one’s motivation and initiative to learn, along with confidence.


      Scientist have found that doing exercise increases the blood flow circulation and volume, which betters the heart organ, increases the oxygen intake to the brain, increases the activity of brain cells and can also increase the amount of nutrition that the brain gets, keeping it healthy and quick. (Cotman & Berchtold, 2002; Cotman & Engesser-Cesar, 2002)


        If our brain doesn’t work well, our ability will be negatively affected. For example: Memory loss, learning disabilities, problem with behavior etc. It might even manifest into emotional problems, or psychopathic problems. On the other hand, if the brain is able to act on the best it possibly could, we could learn and work much easier and better to achieve success happily.


        The brain is separated into different parts and each part does its own unique job. The way they work is like a choir, only when its synchronized well does it perform its best for us.


How do I allow my child to be mentally healthy? 
(Psychological Development)


        My method of showing love is simple, I declare out-loud “I love you.” 


The type of love we see mostly is a red shape drawn out, but in all actuality the heart is just an organ and has nothing to do with emotions, love or feelings. How we feel and how love starts is always from the brain, like any and all other emotions.


        Children’s natural characteristic is full of curiosity, full of eagerness to explore and learn. Apart from love, care, reasonable limitations and restrictionschildren also need your guidance and encouragement so they can develop and master new abilities, fulfilling their mental need for growth, creating a healthy child.


How do I increase my child’s social adaptability?
(Social Development)


        An ideal social network and emotional development is the path to a successful life.


 A successful type of education is one that teaches the child how to take care of himself, others and understand what others may need and differ from himself. So we must teach a child how to get along with others, you must first teach them how to be in someone else’s shoes and think for both others and himself.


 Generosity, caring, sharing and respect are all important things that are built upon empathizing. Show how much you care for your child, provide for him what he needs, praise and encourage his attempts and through that he will learn to use positive emotions as a response to you and others, which will guide him to understand others more.


        Below are six methods that can help children develop good social skills:


1     Try to understand what your child feels, describe to him his feelings, so he can understand the proper terms to express how he feels and answer, question what it is he’s feeling, for example: You seem unhappy and sad, is there something on your mind?

3     Participate in charity work with your child to develop a sense of care for others, patience and generousity.

5 ReasoningTo make a child follow your rules and regulations, you must give them realistic and reasonable explanations. Talk about the reasoning behind the rules which will increase his ability of consequences and reasoning. Through this he can understand how a single person’s actions can influence others in negative or positive ways, to respect others and stand in their shoes to solve problems.

These six methods above can help a child develop a better sense of morals and social ability. We must use ourselves as their role models and example to teach them what is right and wrong.



How do I teach my child to have a good grasp on their senses
(Sensorial Development)


How smart a human being is start with their five senses and only then does it cause knowledge which becomes intelligence. As sensorial development is the very beginning and basic of education that a child will encounter, so according to the stage of sensorial development the child is in, creating a set of teaching materials is helpful. The purpose is to help develop a child’s sensitive and good senses like their sight, ability to compare, critical thinking, debate, math and special sense, comprehension and ability to deduct.




        Every single part of our body is important and not a single one of them is replaceable. Without them you would not be you anymore.


        Author Dr Yan Lok has had over eight years of neurological study and she uses incorporates her study into childhood education which brought her acceptation and approval internationally.


        Dr Yan Lok believes that the potential in human development is a major point in education, she invented a way to improve a child’s every possible potential in “Dr Yan’s Learning Diamond TM “. Through proven neurological studies and natural methods we want to help you raise children into becoming the leaders of tomorrow.


To a child, their parents are the important people who enlighten them. Teachers are the architects of tomorrow’s leaders and Dr Yan Lok value both parental and teacher education which will help them train and tutor out healthy children who will lead a happy life.


You must use a correct method to teach children and only then will they be able to flourish and unveil their true potential. You, whether as a parent or a teacher hold a responsibility for the better of human society and for keeping that responsibility, I thank-you in advance.