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How Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity Disorder starts off and methods of care for it


Attention Deficit disorder or Hyperactivity Disorder can manifest and happen due to different reasons such as:

1.      Studies show that the two disorders is capable of being hereditary(Nature) – Children with the disorder have around 10 to 35 percent of direct relatives with the same condition and 32 percent of them have siblings who also have either conditions. Plus, parents who have the condition has a 57 percent of handing it down to their child. 

2.      Neurological reasons – A lot of studies point out that children with Attention Deficit disorder or Hyperactivity disorder has a lower blood flow volume than normal children in their Frontal Lobe, Striatum and Cerebellum. fMRIs studies show that children with ADD or HD’s Frontal Lobe, Basal Ganglia and Cerebellum acts differently than they would in a normal child’s brain and believes this to be the cause of a weaker executive function that causes Attention Deficit disorder and Hyperactivity disorder.

3.      Environmental Issues(Nurture)-Psychologists have suggested that the conditions could relate to family environment, parental teaching styles, personal characteristics and ability to care for children etc which may lead to a child developing attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity disorder symptoms. Even though the scientific studies lack enough proof that these disorders and symptoms are caused by nurture, but this does not mean that environmental issues will not cause children with these disorders to worsen. In fact, studies show that environmental issues have a direct correlation with children with ADD or HD who exhibit a personality trait of serious rebellion. 


However, a child brimming with energy and barely stopping or slowing down does not equate to them having Attention Deficit disorder or Hyperactivity disorder, as there would be a difference in the two types of children in their energy levels and children with ADD and or HD will usually be troubled by traits below in their everyday lives which includes life at home, school and with friends.

Children with ADHD may exhibit these symptoms:

1.      Easily distracted by surroundings

2.      Lacks the patience to wait

3.      Inability to sit or stand still and is tortured by quiet and still(boring) situations

4.      Runs about at inappropriate places

5.      Often leaves the seat in situation where sitting is required

6.      Avoids work that requires focus and time

7.      Difficulty in focusing on work or activities

8.      Difficulty in completing tasks, especially long and difficult ones

9.      Often makes careless mistakes

10.  Talks too much

11.  Inability to focus on the person delivering a speech

12.  Often interrupts someone when they’re talking or doing something

13.  Often forgets or misplaces things

14.  Lacks proper management and order when doing thingsThrough learning and understanding about methods of therapy for this specific group of children, for example music therapy; learning about neurological and how therapy works can help you improve your child’s focus and attention and beat away hyperactivity problems. Apart from that, through sensory rehabilitation, art therapy, or scientific therapy methods can help improve a child’s sensory abilities and coordination with his actions.

Parents should look for professional assistance in direct relations to the child’s problems.